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Community. Marketplace. Workplace. Environment
At Bank Muamalat, we enhance our value based on criteria beyond business results and MARKETPLACE. Our WORKPLACE sets the pace for us to deliver and share our values with the COMMUNITY and ENVIRONMENT.

The COMMUNITY is the place we seek for co-prosperity and epitomize our business ingenuity. Our customer service and product offerings result in social and human benefits.

The MARKETPLACE is the platform for us to manifest our true grit and sheer determination to succeed as one of the fair and socially-engaged market players.

The WORKPLACE is closely guarded for our employees, being our biggest asset, to be nurtured, well-engaged and conducive for work-life balance.

We cherish our ENVIRONMENT and vow to care, safeguard and cherish it for our future generations to inherit and restore the beauty of the nature.

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Audited Financial Report

Audited Financial Report
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Audited Financial Report -
-as at 31 March 2017

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Half Year Pillar 3 Disclosures - 30 Sept 2016
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1st Quarterly Report




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