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M-Tiara Linked
Protect your future

The Takaful Concept
Takaful is a mutual assistance concept based on the principle of solidarity, cooperation and responsibility. Participants contribute on the basis of Tabarru' (donation) to a fund that will be used to help each other in times of misfortune.
Plan Now!
Such is the pressure on us right now to ensure we accommodate our needs as we grow older. We strive to climb the corporate ladder, securing higher income but are we really saving enough? Make all that hard work you do now pay off handsomely later.

Get M-Tiara Linked
Add supplementary benefits* and increase your investment in Dana i-Majmuk to complement your future financial undertaking. Make an informed decision now. Manage comfortable retirement and ensure a superior quality of life in the later years. Discover:
  • Bereavement Benefits for your Extra Coverage
  • Rewards you with Underwriting Surplus and Investment Profit
  • Pays you upon Maturity
  • Enhance your Protection with the Supplementary Benefits
  • Flexibility to Decide on Protection and Contribution Levels
  • Enjoy Tax Relief
Change Your Mindset
Introducing M-Tiara Linked , an affordable investment-linked Family Takaful plan that provides you with choices should the unexpected happen. With a minimum of just RM100 per month, M-Tiara Linked i will protect your loved ones against financial difficulty upon your Death or Total and Permanent Disability (TPD). Plus, you can enjoy coverage and financial returns as your contribution allocation increases over time.

* Please refer to "Are Your Protecting All You Needs?' for details of supplementary benefits.

The contributions are allocated to the Participant's Unit Account1 (PUA) to purchase units in the Unit Fund at the following rates:

Contributions Due and Paid
1st Year
2nd and 3rd
4th until 10th
11th and
Allocation Rate

What Would Happen If No One is there for You and Your Loved Ones? Take Action!
M-Tiara Linked is designed on a foundation of protection to protect you and your loved ones against unexpected events. In the event of death, the basic sum covered from the Tabarru' Fun2 and total values of the unit fund from PUA (if any) will be paid out in full, easing financial burden of your loved ones.

Should you be afflicted with TPD before the age of 70, you can be certain with a peace of mind that you will receive the financial protection in accordance to the TPD provisions of the certificate.

Note: Terms and conditions apply.

Are You Protecting All Your Needs?
You may elect to get extra protection with these add-ons:

i-Critical Illness Benefit Rider
In the event of any one of covered critical illnesses, the sum covered of this rider will be payable.

Note: Claims payout on this rider will reduce the sum covered of the basic plan .

i-Contributor Benefit Plus Rider
All future contributions due up to the end of coverage term will be payable from the Tabarru' Fund if the contributor passed away or suffers TPD or critical illness. This rider ensures your savings plan stays on track.

Note: Terms and coditions apply. For further information on the riders, please refer to the Product Disclosure Sheet and certificate issued by the Takaful Operator.

1.     Participant's Unit Account (PUA) is the account where units are allocated, depending on the amount of contributions paid.

2.     Tabarru' Fund refers to a pool of funds established for the purpose of solidarity and cooperation among the participants that is used to help all participants in the event of misfortunes.

Are You Working For Money or Making Money Work For You?

Dana i-Majmuk
A Fund which is invested in a mixture of Shariah-compliant equities, Islamic fixed income securities and Islamic deposits. There is flexibility in asset allocation as this fund may invest solely in fixed income securities or equities. This fund seeks to provide medium to long-term capital appreciation, with a moderate level of volatility. Dana i-Majmuk is only invests in Shariah-compliant securities.

Bereavement Benefit for Your Extra Coverage
In the event of your death, your family will receive a lump sum payment of RM2,000 as a Bereavement Benefit. This benefit helps to alleviate the financial burden relating to the funeral.

Note: Terms and conditions apply.

Pays You Upon Maturity
Upon maturity, 100% the total values of the PUA (if any) will be payable in one lump sum.

We Cover Your Every Move
Deciding on the amount of protection and contribution levels is entirely up to you. You can start with a small amount of contribution and top-up your contribution to match your needs and goals as they change. A minimum single top-up contribution is RM1,000 with 95% of the contribution added to unit fund. The remaining 5% is used to meet Takaful Operator's expenses and direct distribution cost, including the commission payable to the agent.

Rewards You with Underwriting Surplus and Investment Profit
With M-Tiara Linked , any underwriting surplus, after a suitable amount is held back for contingency purposes, will be shared among participants and the Takaful Operator in the ratio of 55:45. Your share of surplus will be credited back into the PUA.

100% of the Investment Profit (if any) from the Tabarru' Fund will be credited back into the PUA. Any loss will be carried forward and accounted for before arriving at underwriting surplus or deficit in the following year.

Note: The underwriting surplus and investment profits are determined yearly.

Enjoy Tax Relief
Benefits received from M-Tiara Linked are generally non-taxable and contributions paid may qualify for tax relief.

Note: Tax benefits are subject to the Malaysian Income Tax Act, 1967, and final decision of the Inland Revenue Board.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is the minimum and maximum age at entry?
A The minimum age at entry is 30 days attained age (19 years next birthday for certificate ownership) and the maximum is 55 years next birthday.

Q What is the minimum contribution?
A The minimum contribution for this plan is RM100 a month or RM1,200 per year. No additional contribution is required to enjoy the coverage subject to the condition that the PUA is sufficient to cover the monthly Tabarru' and service charge. Should the PUA be no longer sufficient, you are required to top-up your PUA by making a single contribution top-up to avoid the certificate being lapsed.

Q How do I make my contribution?

You may arrange to make your contribution by GIRO, Banker's Order and credit card on an annually, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly basis Cheque and cash are allowed only for annual basis.

Q Under what circumstances will M-Tiara Linked be terminated?
A M-Tiara Linked will be terminated on the death of the Person Covered, or on the certificate anniversary on which the Person Covered's age is 75 years next birthday or once the sum covered for this plan is fully paid out, or when the certificate is lapsed, surrendered or terminated, whichever comes first.

Q What are the fees and charges?
A Upfront Charge
Upfront Charge (as a % of the contributions paid) is the unallocated contributions and is used to meet Takaful Operator's expenses and direct distribution cost, including the commissions payable to the agent.

Contributions Due and Paid
Upfront Charge (% of the contributions paid)
1st Year
2nd and 3rd Year
Allocation Rate
4th and 10th Year
Allocation Rate
11th and subsequent years
Allocation Rate

Tabarru' depends on the sum covered, age, gender, smoking status, occupation and health condition (where applicable).The Tabarru' will be deducted from the PUA monthly.

Fund Management Charge
Fund Name
Fund Management Charge
Dana i-Majmuk
1.25% per annum

Service Charge
An administration charge of RM6 will be deducted monthly from the PUA.

Note: The above fees and charges are subject to revision by giving at least 3 months' notice.

Q What are the exclusions of this certificate?
A Exclusion for the Death Benefit:
No benefit will be payable in the event of suicide, while sane or insane, within the first year of Takaful coverage.

Exclusion for the Death Benefit:
Takaful Operator will not be liable to pay any benefit if TPD of the Person Covered.
  • has existed prior to or on the Effective date or on the date of any reinstatement, whichever is later; or
  • is caused directly or indirectly by self-inflicted injuries, while sane or insane; or
  • is caused by bodily injury sustained as a result of parachuting or skydiving, or engaging in aerial flights other than as a crew member or as a fare-paying passenger of a licensed commercial operating on a regular scheduled route; or
  • is resulted from the Person Covered committing, attempting or provoking an assault or a felony or from any violation of law by Person Covered; or
  • is resulted from war, whether declared or undeclared
Note: The exclusions highlighted above may not be exhaustive. Full details are in the certificate issued by Takaful Operator.

Important Notices
  • M-Tiara Linked is a regular contribution Investment-Linked Family Takaful plan that matures at age 75 years
    next birthday with the benefit of family takaful protection.
  • This plan is a Family Takaful product that is tied to the performance of the underlying assets, and is
    not a pure investment product such as unit trust.
  • Contributions are payable until end of Takaful coverage, or until death or TPD, whichever comes first.
  • You should satisfy yourself that this plan will best serve your needs and that the contributions payable under
    the certificate are affordable to you.
  • A "free-look period" of 15 days from the delivery date of the certificate is given for you to review the suitability of the plan.
    If the certificate is returned to the Takaful Operator during this period, the Takaful Operator shall refund an amount
    equal to the sum of:
       I. total values of the PUA based on the Next Asset Value at the next valuation date;
       II. the investment values of the units which have been cancelled tp pay for Tabarru' and Service Charge; and
       III. the amount of contributions that have not been allocated;
    minus the expenses incurred for the medical examination (if any).
  • You may receive the remaining values of PUA upon termination or maturity of this plan. No benefits will be payable
    from the Tabarru' Fund.
  • You may stop paying contributions and still enjoy protection as long as there are sufficient value in the PUA to pay
    for the Tabarru' and service charge, where applicable. However, there is a possibility of certificate lapsing when
    the required charges, including Tabarru' exceed the total value of the PUA available.
  • Participating in too many riders or choosing high protection levels may deplete the unit values.
  • The value of the PUA will be based on the actual performance of the fund and is not guaranteed. The investment risk
    under this plan will be borne solely by the certificate owner and the value of the PUA may be less than the total
    contributions contributed to the fund.

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