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Having a peace of mind is knowing that the future of loved ones is taken care of. Fail to plan is planning to fail. We need to plan extensively to ensure that their future is secure. Will writing is an instrument that will ensure your estates be ditributed in a fairly and quick manner to your beneficiaries.

Let us help you secure the future of your loved ones by drafting a will. By having a will, you will be ensured of the just distribution of your estates to your chosen beneficiaries, thus safeguarding their financial welfare.


You can grant estates to both beneficiary and non-beneficiary;
You can only distribute 1/3 of your unadministered estates after deduction of your liabilities. The remaining 2/3 shall remain the lawful share of the beneficiaries under Faraid Law;
You may grant more than 1/3 your estate upon granting permission from your lawful beneficiaries.

Non Muslim

The estates may be granted to any person you chooses;
Without Will, your estates will be distributed according to the Distribution Act 1958.


Helps you ease the administration of your estates upon your death;
Ensure your estates are distributed for the benefit and charity of your loved one;
Safeguard the future of your loved;
Guarantee the welfare and interests of your children (minor) when you are no longer around;
Makes things easier for your heirs.

Will writing services and safekeeping for life.

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