i-Muamalat Internet Banking Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is i-muamalat and what is its URL address?

i-muamalat is Bank Muamalat’s Internet banking service open to all its ATM card holders who hold Individual Savings and Current accounts
i-muamalat can be accessed by keying in the URL address www.i-muamalat.com.my

2. How to register to i-muamalat Internet Banking?
Full access (customer is able to do monetary transactions)

i Acquire IBPIN from BMMB ATM machine
Insert your BMMB ATM card.
At the main menu, choose > Others.
Choose > Internet Banking Menu.
Choose > IB PIN Request.
Key-in 6-digit IB PIN (must not be the same as your ATM PIN).
Re-enter IB PIN to confirm.
Key-in your mobile number for TAC.
A message stating “Your IB Pin is accepted” will appear upon successful completion of this process
ii Next, login to www.i-muamalat.com.my website to start the online registration process
Click > First Time Registration
Accept the Internet Banking Terms and Conditions, click > Next
Step 1
Fill your 16-digits Bank Card Number.
Choose > “IB PIN” type.
Enter the 6 digit “IBPIN”

Step 2
Choose your Identity Type
Enter your identity Number. Click > Next

Enter the Username > Password > Confirm New Password (6-12 characters consisting of at least three (3) of these elements-uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbol).

Choose one (1) Security Image. Click > Next
Successfully registered, logon with your new Username and Password
Limited access (View only, no monetary transaction is allowed)
Logon to www.i-muamalat.com.my , click > “First Time Registration”.
Accept the Internet Banking Terms and Conditions, click > Next.
Step 1
Fill your 16-digit Bank Card Number.
Choose > “ATM PIN” Type
Enter 6-digit “ATM PIN”

Step 2
Choose your Identity Type
Enter your Identity Number
Enter Username > Password > Confirm New Password (6-12 characters consisting of at least three (3) of these elements-uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbol)
Choose one (1) Security Image. Click > Next
Successfully registered. Logon using your new Password and Username.

3. What are the username and password elements for i-muamalat Internet Banking?

Username : 6-12 alphanumeric
Password : 8-12 characters consisting of at least three(3) of these elements-uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbol

4. How do I upgrade my i-muamalat access from limited access to full access?

Please go to BMMB ATM machine to obtain IBPIN

Login to i-muamalat
Use the registered username and password
Go to “Other Services” > select “My Data” > select “Online Package Upgrade”
Key in your Bank Card and IBPIN number
Submit request to upgrade to full access

5. Does the IBPIN obtained at the BMMB ATM machine have an expiry?

Yes, IBPIN is valid for 7 days after first obtained at the BMMB ATM machine and it can only be used once.

6.If I have registered to i-muamalat Internet Banking half way and then I quit registering. What will happen to my IBPIN?

If customer already registered half way and quit before they finish the registering process, the IBPIN will no longer be valid. Customer has to go to the nearest ATM machine to obtain a new IBPIN.

7.Which browser is supported by i-muamalat Internet Banking?

Internet Explorer 8 and above (please turn off the compatibility mode).
Latest version of Google Chrome.
Latest version of Firefox

8.What is the operation hour for i-muamalat Internet Banking?

i-muamalat is available from 6am - 12am daily;

9.What is the limit for daily monetary transaction?

The shared online daily limit is RM 10,000.00 where customer is able to set on their own if they subscribe to the full version of i-muamalat. This is limit is separate from the ATM transactions limit.

10.What will happen to my i-muamalat Internet Banking account if I do not login for a certain period of time?

If customer does not login to their i-muamalat Internet Banking account for a period of 90 days, the i-muamalat Internet Banking account will be dormant. Customer has to call our Contact Centre at 1300-88-8787 to immediately re-activate their i-muamalat Internet Banking account.

11.What are the services available at i-muamalat Internet Banking?

Accounts Summary
Fund Transfer
Own account, 3rd Party accounts
Interbank GIRO (IBG) – charges applied
Instant Bank Fund Transfer (IBFT) – charges applied
Standing Instructions
own account transfer, 3rd Party accounts, Financing accounts, Bill Payments
Financing Repayment
Bill Payment/ Other Payments/ Prepaid Reload
Favourite/ Open Billers
Cheque Book Management
Stop cheque
Cheque book request – charges applied
Foreign Telegraphic Transfer (FTT) – charges applied
Online Applications
CASA Applications
Financing Applications

12.What should I expect when I apply CASA and/or Financing applications online?

Customers should be contacted by the Bank once they have submitted the applications online thru i-muamalat Internet Banking. Bank’s personnel will confirm with the customer on the arrangement of the online applications.

13.How do I go about when I request for cheque book online thru i-muamalat Internet Banking?

If customer choose “send by courier”, the cheque book will be couriered to the address specified by the customer, after 4 working days.
If customer choose “collect at branch”, the cheque book shall be ready after 3 working days.

14.How secure is i-muamalat?

i-muamalat has received a security certification from VeriSign, a prominent security certification authority. This is to confirm that i-muamalat web site is authentic and conforming to the best industry standard. Transactions performed via i-muamalat is also encrypted using 128-bit SSL. Furthermore for every monetary transaction, a second level authentication code which is sent directly to your registered mobile phone act as another extra layer of security.

15.What can I do to safeguard myself against fraudulent transactions?

Please ensure that your i-muamalat username and password are not revealed or shared to anyone. Memorize them and do not write it down. Ensure that you are accessing i-muamalat by directly keying in its URL instead of selecting it from another web links from another web site or in the email.
Be wary of attempts inquiring about your ID or password even though it claims coming from Bank Muamalat. The Bank will never ask you to disclose your ID and password.

16.Can I use the i-muamalat Internet Banking service abroad?

Yes, i-muamalat is accessible wherever you can get internet access. However for transactions that requires TAC, your mobile phone needs to have a mobile roaming service activated in order to receive messages from Malaysia

17.What should I do if forgot the password?

You may reset password on your own by clicking “Forgot Your Password” link at www.i-muamalat.com.my website, and fill in the necessary fields.
Please call our Contact Centre at 1300-88-8787 for further assistance.

18.How do I change my personal information?

Personal information maintenance may be done at i-muamalat Internet Banking for personal reference only. If you wish to change or update your personal information (example your mailing address, contact number, etc), kindly visit the nearest BMMB branch.

19.How do I change my TAC number?

Customer may change the TAC number at any nearest BMMB ATM machine.

20.Do I have to pay for i-muamalat Internet Banking service?

i-muamalat is a service provided by the Bank to its customer on a free of charge basis. However there are certain bill payments nominal service charges, IBG, IBFT, FTT and other types of services will be imposed by Bank Muamalat to the customer.

21.Can I change internet banking user ID?

No. You will need to re-register if you want to change the User ID.

22.How do I change my Internet Banking password?

You may change your Internet Banking password once you have logged in by clicking on the “Change Password” link at “Other Services” page.

23.Is Foreign Telegraphic Transfer (FTT) open to i-muamalat Internet Banking users? And at what rate does the Bank charges for foreign exchange?

Yes, FTT is open to all i-muamalat Internet Banking users with a service charge of RM 5 and cable charge of RM 30. Foreign exchange rate is vary daily and will charge customer on the transaction date rates.

24.Can I transfer funds to any type of account in other banks?

You can do transfers to your own or 3rd party (Savings and Current accounts only) at participating banks, including credit card and financing repayment using GIRO interbank transfer and/or Instant Bank Fund Transfer (IBFT).

25.What are my other alternatives if I have more than RM10,000 to transfer?

If you want to transfer more than this, you will have to do another transaction the next day or you may also do a transfer via ATM, or you may proceed to any nearest BMMB branch

26.Do I need to pay the service fee each time I make a fund transfer?

RM0.10 service fee per IBG Fund Transfer
RM2.00 service fee per IBFT Fund Transfer – Local Bank
RM4.00 service fee per IBFT Fund Transfer – Locally Incorporated Foreign Bank (eg: HSBC, OCBC,Citibank)
RM0.60 service fee per Tabung Haji Fund Transfer
RM5.00 service fee and RM30.00 cable charge per Foreign Telegraphic Transfer (FTT)

27.What should I do if I have problems with i-muamalat Internet Banking?

Please call our Contact Centre at 1300-88-8787 if you need further assistance. Our Contact Centre operating 24 hours daily, including weekends and public holiday.