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Al-Wadiah Savings Account
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* Eligible for protection by PIDM

It is a savings account based on Islamic contract of Al Wadiah. Al Wadiah refers to a concluded contract between the owner (depositor) of the goods (the money) and the custodian (Bank) for safekeeping. The depositor grants the Bank their permission to utilize the money for whatever purpose permitted by SYARIAH. The Bank in return guarantees the value of the deposit thus creating a Wadiah Yad-Dhamanah contract.


ATM card (on application);
Minimum Deposit RM100.00;
To be accepted under the contract of Al-Wadiah Yad Dhamanah.


Full ATM functions (for card-holders only);
Available for joint account;
Funds available upon demand;
Inter branch transactions allowed.

Target Customers

Individuals 12 years and above;
Children below 12 years old (in trust account);
Clubs/Associations/Societies etc. whose activities are not prohibited by Syariah.

How to Apply / Documents Required

Application needs to be made in person;
A Photocopy of Identity Card;
Savings Account for a child below 12 years old needs to be applied by
the parent or guardian.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Product Disclosure Sheet
Rules & Regulations

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