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Al-Wadiah Current Account
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It is a current account based on the Islamic contract of Al-Wadiah. Al-Wadiah refers to a concluded contract between the owner (depositor) of the goods (the money) and the custodian (Bank) for safe-keeping. The depositor grants the Bank their permission to utilize the money for whatever purpose permitted by SYARIAH. The Bank in turn guarantees the value of the deposit thus creating a 'Wadiah Yad-Dhamanah' contract.


Cheque Book;
Muamalah ATM Card upon request (personal account);
Monthly statement;
Minimum Deposit of RM1,000.00;
A service charge of RM100.00 for each cheque which is returned
unpaid due to insufficient funds;
A service charge of RM10.00 per instruction for stop payment cheque;
Half yearly service charge of RM10.00 is debited from accounts with
balance of less than RM1,000.00.


Full ATM facilities for card holders;
May apply for other banking facilities e.g. Corporate Terminal Services
(for corporate customers only);
Inter-branch transactions;
Automatic fund transfer for collection accounts.

Target Customers

Individual who attains 18 years old and has the capacity to contract;
Companies/Associations/Clubs etc., whose activities are not prohibited
by Syariah and Malaysian Law.

How to Apply / Documents Required

Application needs to be made in person;
Complete the relevant application forms and specimen signature cards;
To have ATM card, a separate ATM application form is to be completed
(only for individuals);
An introducer or a referee is required;
A photocopy of identification document;
To tender other relevant documents.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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Rules & Regulations

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